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PMU Registration & Accounting Offices

Installation of Installux TIASO Partion and Curtail Wall Click Here

Health Care

Stainless Steel 304 Hinged Doors including Automatic System by Record and DFA-127, made in Switzerland. Click Here

Al-Osra Al-Safa branch

Stainless steel 304 Airlock facade including Automatic Sliding System Glass door and Laminated clear stainless steel skylight. Click Here

Gloria's Jeans, Dammam

Stainless steel cladded entrance doors. Click Here


Installation of windows and curtain walls. Click Here


Installation of LED lighting Fixtures and PDS-60 with CAT6 cable networking through Ethernet Switches. Click Here

Al-Mahroos Regional Office, Safwa
Supply and installation of Aluminum cladding, doors, windows, curtain walls and stainless steel handrail.

Dammam Commercial Building
Supply and installation of Aluminum cladding and Curtain Walls

Prince Mohammed University, Azziziyah
Supply and installation of Aluminum cladding, HPL cladding, Sandwich panel roofing and Stainless steel handrail.

Kemya Jubail, Daelim
Supply and installation of Aluminum cladding and windows

King Fahd Causeway Authority (Bahrain and Saudi Side)
Supply and installation of Aluminum Cladding

General Manager's Message

   Our aim to provide our clients with complete aluminum architectural solutions under one roof, keeping in mind the assurance of quality and timely delivery. We remain committed to support the industry, regionally and globally. Al Fransi Complex for Aluminum offers a large range of high quality windows, doors, curtain wall and Aluminum Composite Cladding systems that can be suited to individual projects.

                                                  General Manager

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